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Coffeegrabber.com was created by coffee lovers who were frustrated with the low quality and often confusing coffee-related information found online. Our aim? To be your one-stop caffeine resource and help you make informed decisions with regard to your favorite drink (coffee!). True aficionados know that when you brew coffee, everything from the grind size to the way you swish the coffee in the cup matter. With that in mind, we created a formidable team to bring you the most fact-based coffee information on the web.

Ryan Bahar


  • Corporate counsel, with a master’s degree in international business law, called to the bar of England & Wales and a passion for coffee, content marketing & SEO.


Coffee aficionado Ryan Bahar is the Editor-in-Chief at CoffeeGrabber.com. While most people love a good morning cup of joe, only a few can appreciate the art involved in grinding coffee beans, taste the difference between coffee from Ethiopia to Guatemala to Colombia, or identify terrible coffee products dressed up with fancy marketing. Ryan wants to use his coffee expertise to bring you the most authentic coffee tips, guides and reviews on the web.

In his other life, Ryan is a corporate counsel and an online content creator who loves to help others achieve their goals with brand building & content marketing. He has a master’s degree in international business law from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and has studied law in three different countries. He works as a legal advisor for a multinational company, where he handles complex and challenging cases involving international trade, contracts, and compliance.

In his spare time, Ryan writes about business, SEO, niche sites, audience building, and copywriting on his X (formerly Twitter) account {@theryanbahar}. He is also the founder of the newsletter The Creator’s Quest where he shares valuable content and insights on business, technology, content marketing, brand building, etc., based on his own experience and knowledge. He also does some consulting for clients who need his expertise and guidance.

Ryan’s writing style is authentic, transparent, and helpful. He believes in being honest and generous with his audience, and in providing them with useful and actionable information that they can apply to their own ventures. He also brings a unique perspective and philosophy to his work, combining his legal background with his online skills and passion.


Ryan has a strong and diverse academic record in law. He received a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Law (Bar Professional Training Course) from BPP University, London, England, and a master’s degree in international business law from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. He completed his legal training at a prestigious law firm and worked for 2 multi-billion cap FMCG companies.


Ryan is a fan of Arsenal football club and enjoys watching their matches whenever he can. He also likes UFC and follows the latest news and events in the sport.

What to do Now

If you are here, it means you too are looking to elevate your coffee experience either for its taste or just to make your mornings more enjoyable.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that so from here you can either:

  1. Read our coffee guides to help you understand different coffee beans, brewing methods, and flavors
  2. Read our coffee gear reviews to pick the right equipment for your perfect cup of coffee.

We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!