What is Bulletproof Coffee? Here’s All You Need to Know About This Breakfast Drink

Now that many of us have been spending more time at home, does it feel like your normal caffeine routine just isn’t cutting it?

Although there are some legitimately proven coffee health benefits, drinking multiple cups a day to keep us running can take a toll on our health. Many of the more notable benefits of coffee are simply in its ability to keep us functioning no matter what comes our way.

A great solution to keep you at peak operation all day long without compromising your health is bulletproof coffee. The name sounds great and just like something that could help us face tough and stressful days. But exactly what is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee, also known as butter coffee, is a type of “super coffee” recipe. It contains butter and oil to boost your morning cup of joe with the extra nutrients, protein, and healthy fats that you need to power the day ahead of you.

Health Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

We know what you’re thinking. To someone who’s never heard of butter coffee before, the concept can sound absurd. Yes, bulletproof coffee ingredients do include butter and healthy oils mixed into your coffee. Mixing coffee with butter and oil might sound like a rather unhealthy thing to do, but trust us, you’ll want to keep reading.

The benefits of drinking coffee every day, particularly in the morning, have been proven. Coffee speeds up metabolism, provides antioxidants, and can benefit your heart and liver. When you take all of those benefits and add healthy oils and butter, the health factors increase exponentially.

Bulletproof coffee has arisen out of the keto diet trend, which cuts out carbohydrates in favor of healthy fats and oils. When you drink bulletproof coffee for breakfast, you add extra support for increased metabolism, optimize your energy levels, stay feeling less hungry for longer, improve your focus for the day, and even support weight loss.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

Making this easy daily change from your boring caffeine routine to an amped-up bulletproof start to your day provides health benefits for your body and mind. If you’re sold on combining the health benefits of caffeine with a metabolism-jolting fats and oils combo, then let’s learn how to craft your own bulletproof coffee!

The Coffee

You can use any ground coffee of your choice

The first and most vital ingredient, of course, is coffee. You can use any ground coffee to make your bulletproof coffee, whether it’s freshly ground beans or instant coffee. The best coffee for bulletproof coffee is up to you! Three tablespoons of coffee brewed in your usual way will serve as the foundation of your superfood coffee.

The MCT Oil

MCT oil from coconuts

Next comes the oil. We have to be a bit pickier about the type and kind we use for the recipe than we were about the coffee. The developer of the bulletproof method, after assimilating health research, determined that MCT oil, or medium-chain triglyceride oil, was best for the job.

This specification is because these kinds of oils take less time to convert fat to energy than the ordinary kinds of oils that occur more regularly in our diets. The MCT is behind many of the extraordinary health benefits of this coffee recipe, including weight loss and quick energy.

Again, don’t be fooled by oil-companies claiming they have the best MCT oil. You can make your own choice as long as you choose a true medium-chain-triglyceride. If you research, you’ll likely see many recipes substituting MCT oil for coconut oil. Even though coconut oil is also a healthy option, the specific benefits you’ll want out of your bulletproof coffee are driven by MCT-specific oils like these dietitian-ranked ones.

The Butter

A spoon of ghee

After you’ve chosen your MCT oil, you’ll add one tablespoon to your already-made cup of coffee. Next, you’ll add 1–2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter or ghee. Your choice between these two types of butter will depend on your own preferences on taste and texture.

Ghee is simply clarified butter that has been strained to remove water. Because it’s been simmered, it has a little more of a caramelized texture that spreads well. Grass-fed, unsalted butter is your other option and is probably the best butter for bulletproof coffee. It’s higher in nutrients and lower in sodium than its salted counterpart, and it’s a type of fat you can feel good about adding to your diet.

And Blend!

Once you’ve added your three ingredients, you’ll simply blend them all together. Many bulletproof coffee keto enthusiasts say they get their best bulletproof coffee by using an immersion hand blender, which also cuts down on the set-up and clean-up time. Mixing these ingredients thoroughly creates a nice, thick texture that, served hot, will be a welcome and more luxurious-feeling replacement for your usual morning coffee routine.

While this is an easy bulletproof coffee recipe that errs on the side of simplicity, many seasoned bulletproof coffee enthusiasts mix up their daily recipes with other spices, flavorings, and supplemental additives. You can even find recipes to make bulletproof coffee without the actual coffee for days you want to feel a little more zen.

How to Know if Bulletproof Coffee is Right for You

If you’re exceptionally sensitive to caffeine, then adding it into your everyday schedule probably isn’t for you! You can always make other drinks such as a latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, whipped coffee, pour over coffee, cold brew coffee, etc. But you can also try some of the caffeine-free bulletproof coffee (BPC) recipes that utilize ingredients like matcha or herbal tea.

BPC and its ingredients support weight loss, so many people see a positive change and drop some extra stubborn pounds. However, even good fats like grass-fed butter and MCT oil do still have calories. If you don’t regularly eat breakfast, you could potentially gain weight as a result of beginning to drink bulletproof coffee daily.

All in all, bulletproof coffee is a great way to maximize that daily morning cup of joe that we pretty much know we’re all going to be having anyway. Tossing in a few extra ingredients and giving it a good blend sets your coffee up to be the superhero you deserve for your most hectic of days.

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