How to Make Whipped Coffee, Dalgona Coffee, or TikTok Coffee like a Pro?

We’ll also go over some fun facts about where this drink has appeared since it first burst out on the social scene and how various niches of the internet have made it their own.

This coffee drink has relatively simple ingredients. However, it has significantly influenced the younger generation who are looking for something new and different to do with their favorite beverage.

What is Whipped Coffee?

Whipped coffee or foam coffee, as it’s sometimes called, is a simple blend of sugar, instant coffee powder, and water. There are many recipes online for an instant coffee whip, instant coffee recipes, and coffee cream, but each whipped coffee recipe uses the same basic ingredients.

This drink looks like fluffy coffee foam, and it’s very easy to make in a short amount of time. You may also see it called Cafe Dalgona or see posts online for a Dalgona coffee recipe that uses the same ingredients and provides the same drink.

How to Make Whipped Coffee

Two cups of whipped coffee

Since the whipped coffee phenomenon hit social media, everyone has been asking, “What is whipped coffee, and how do I make it?”. The good news is that fluffy coffee requires only a few ingredients, a lot of whipping, and a simple assembly. In no time, you’ll have the most luxurious-looking and photogenic whipped coffee drink we’ve seen in a while.

So, exactly how do you make whipped coffee? The easy process of how to make whipped coffee goes roughly like this:

  • Combine boiling water, instant or ground coffee, and sugar in a bowl
  • Whisk the mixture until it becomes fluffy (either by hand or using an electric mixer)
  • Spoon some of the whipped instant coffee mixture over some cold milk
  • Stir and serve!

This beverage is really easy to make, partly because it uses instant coffee whipped with other ingredients you likely already have in your home. There are other variations of this recipe you can try. For example, you can learn how to make whipped coffee without instant coffee for a richer flavor.

How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee?

Tik Tok coffee videos may have you convinced that the only method for how to make whipped coffee requires the use of instant coffee, but this isn’t true! You can use hot espresso instead, and while the color might be slightly different, you still get the same delicious coffee drink at the end.

If you know how to make instant coffee, you’ve probably noticed that most of the recipes suggest combining hot water and instant coffee with sugar as part of the basic recipe. Regular espresso can work for this purpose, too, as the basic ingredients are the same.

Once you add sugar to traditional espresso, you can whip it as you normally would for about five minutes with an electric mixer or by hand if you have a strong arm.

Dalgona Coffee Origins

Delicious Dalgona coffee

Though the Dalgona coffee drink is a recent hit on social media, its origins stem from “beaten coffee” or “Phenti Hui coffee,” an ages-old beverage in Pakistan.

So, what is Dalgona coffee, and how is it different from the whipped coffee drink you find everywhere online? The truth is that Dalgona Coffee is just another name for the same drink and uses all the same ingredients. It possesses the same texture and sweetness you get with most of the other recipes and uses the same process as well.

Dalgona coffee also gets called Korean coffee as it’s become a popular drink in Korea as of late. This frothy drink also gets mentioned on social media and TV. Some claim that Korean instant coffee is better than other brands you can get in the US and “Dalgona” is the name of a Korean candy that triggers nostalgia for many Koreans.

Tik Tok Coffee and Major’s Frothy Coffee

Dalgona or TikTok Coffee

The Dalgona coffee origin and resulting viral content started with Tik Tok, but this instant coffee whipped recipe has now spread across the internet.

Commonly called “The Tik Tok Drink,” this berry concoction starts with the Strawberry Acai Refresher from the traditional Starbucks menu and adds strawberries and blackberries. There is also a version that includes lemonade, and this blended drink is a solid summertime favorite.

Other lesser-known Tik Tok coffee drinks include:

  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee
  • White Mocha Iced Coffee
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino
  • The “Pink Drink”
  • Berry Caramel Frappuccino
  • Skittles Frappuccino
  • The Kinder Bueno Drink

Some of the more popular Tik Tok coffee drinks tend to fall in the frappuccino category with unique and sweet flavors.

You may have also heard of Major’s Frothy Coffee, which is a reference to the online video game World of Warcraft (WoW). This consumable item sobers up your character a bit and has an item level of one with a cooldown period of one second. Players purchase this drink and other items in Dazar’alor, a fictional location present in the game.

This item is just one example of how something that became popular in the real world ended up in WoW. Online you’ll find many hilarious lists of items compiled by fans with varying levels of usefulness to gameplay and serve to entertain.

Wrap Up

Two cups of just-made whipped coffee

Now that we’ve covered how to make whipped coffee, you can create this uniquely fluffy drink whenever you choose. Some individuals prefer to make it with leftover coffee they have for a less intense flavor, and you can vary the type and amount of sweetener to find your preferred texture and taste. If you’re more adventurous or a bit of a milk buff, you may prefer to make a latte or cappuccino instead.

This drink may have origins in social media, but it also has connections to countries such as Korea and gets referred to by multiple names. You can whip up a batch of this drink and store it for a short period in a sealed container in the fridge, but it’s best when you make it fresh, which takes less than ten minutes.

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